K A M I K A Z I  !

Feature length sci-fi conspiracy featuring animated tattoo and a top- level system which has control over every petrol and diesel vehicle on the planet.

Who has control and what is the fate of the greed for oil ...




Début feature film featuring a cult-leader gone awry – a radical allegory to the ME.CELEBRITY generation.

"This film manages to be realism, surrealism, and expressionism all at the same time ... outrageously real and often stranger than fiction – a cult masterpiece in the making."
Genevieve Mclean

H E N R Y   Z E R O

23 minute cyber-noir shot on 16mm film with extended digital video sequences . . .

Featuring über actor Barnie Duncan



H O M E   ( L E S S )   H O M E

7 minute personal biographical film about a period spent living in a van.

Premiere at Curta Cinema,
Rio de Janeiro Short Film Festival


Three-part documentary series featuring artists amongst the flourishing studio culture of Brunswick Melbourne. Gentrification threat to this culture with commercial property development storming ahead.

Broadcast Channel 31 Melb

Sydney Road Film Festival



2 D V ~ M Ö B I U S   D I M E N S I O N S

23 minute experimental narrative exploring digital and media concepts using digital video and 3D / compositing techniques.

Prepare to have your mind expanded . . .



7 minute montage-edit comprised entirely of original footage from personal archive.

Finalist in MiFF – Melbourne International Film Festival Short Film competition



W H O ’ S   D R I V I N G   W H O ?

30 second anti-ad as part of the "RAD" collection, New Zealand.

Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival


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